Big Little Beauties

Big Little Beauties

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 5/29/19

I had a lot of computer and writing work to do this week. I taught a painting lesson over facetime, too. 

I am loving my garden, more multimedia crafty art, and have been playing around with some new ideas behind the scenes. My fingers are craving working with beads and found / foraged objects. A fun little garden jaunt this week was pressing these flowers under a pink sunset. 💓

A bunch of tiny blooms seems to be my energy this week. I’ve had to keep a note pad next to me so I can jot down ideas that are coming. Being immersed in computer work and not being able to paint because of pain this weekend is making my creative brain explode. I am on the mend and have flair up care tomorrow, so I anticipate being able to paint this Sunday.