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Biz Buzz

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 2/6/19

It was a business centered week this week. March’s newsletter and all of my art and spirit sharables are scheduled. 

I am stoked to be a part of Moonrise Studio’s Amour show this Friday. This is the collective that I am newly a part of that exhibits Jess Coulson, Marina O’Sullivan and my art on a monthly basis and brings in other rotating womxn artists. This month we are showing work by Mahina Hawley, Sarah Leever and Jessie Beans. This month’s show will be filled with art about love, and we’ll have a photo booth and lover’s lounge. Fun!

What I’ve been mostly thinking about this week is how Nancy Pelosi and the democratic womxn use color. I listened to the SOTU last night and watched Nancy the whole time. I learned more about what the history of wearing white is about today. I noticed the bright colors she and other womxn wore during her inaugural speech at the beginning of this year. I’m pretty fascinated by her pose lately with all the country is dealing with and I am loving the messages I think she and other womxn politicians and politicos are sending through color. This is where my dreamy art mind is right now. Powerful stuff, the use of color. I am a color NERD, and this I swim endlessly through without tiring. 

I’ll help set up the Amour show tomorrow, then show on Friday! <3

It’s a little bit of an odd week, light and full. I am happy to be rolling with so much good stuff. 

I hope your week is great and the beginning of February is off to a good start for you. 


~ Shelley