Democracy and Peace

I love when people collectively honor mistakes they’ve made and make changes towards peace. The sense that the US impeachment trial might end in an acquittal is making me think about four things right now. 1. The sculpture, Mother with her Dead Son by Kathe Kollwitz, in the Federal Republic of Germany for the Victims […]

2019 in the Books, $140+ donations!

Thank you for liking, commenting and sharing my posts this year. Thank you to my customers, clients and students. It is my supreme honor for my creative offerings to be received. 💜 I finished my business taxes for 2019 this week.  Starting in July, I started donating 5% of each of my sales to 3 different […]

The Peace of Cake

The Peace of Cake Beliefs are interesting. In 2005 at 24 years old, I quit my position as the cake department manager and lead cake decorator at Cold Stone creamery and enrolled in the master of fine arts program at the Academy of Art University. I formed a belief that I wouldn’t work a cake […]


Metamorphosis Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 11/21/19 It’s been a year of lots of change. I’m painting one day a week, teaching or doing oracles another day a week, and working for other companies on other days. I’ve always worked a second job and am taking more work as well. I am putting […]


Surreal Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 10/19/19 I feel a bit surreal right now. I had an unexpected death in my family last week and took a break from working this week. I tried to jump right back into work but that was silly. I am learning to be gentle with myself. I […]

Workshop 10/5/19 Cancelation

I’m sad to say I need to cancel Paint the Funk Out! this Saturday 10/5/19. I’m flying to Florida unexpectedly tomorrow because my aunty is about to pass over. I will post about a rescheduled date for the workshop when things settle down. I expect to run Paint the Love In! as scheduled on 11/2/19. Love […]

Feeling the Love and Light Everywhere

Feeling the Love and Light Everywhere Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 9/22/19 The last month has flown by. Between artwalk, Meditative Painting and starting another job for more part time work, I’ve been in the thick of adapting and reorganizing my biz rhythm. I’m caught up today and yesterday I had a rare […]

Happy 100th Grandpa Lee

Happy 100th Grandpa Lee Spiritix Shelley Irish, 9/16/19 My grandpa was many things to many people. To me growing up, he was the man who said ‘There’s my Shelley girl!’ every time I walked in the room. He taught me how to swing a hammer, memorize word spellings, how to have delightful, respectful conversations with […]

New Beginning

New Beginning Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 9/8/19 Yesterday I ran my Meditative Painting workshop at Moonrise Studios. My students had a fun time and one woman who had a rough night the night before said she felt better after the workshop. 💝 I have taught this class at the Center for Spiritual […]

Sept Prep

Sept Prep Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 9/1/19 This week was prepping my sharables and rewards for September. Here is a little peak at the free weekly oracle I do for patreon subscribers. I’m in a super chill mode, checking stuff off the list, enjoying the cool air blowing through. 

Lots of little Things

Lots of Little Things Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 8/21/19 I took more product photos this week. Mostly little stuff, cards and lighter covers. I cleaned up a couple issues, got a refund for a misprint, lots of little biz things. I have a retail meeting tomorrow to show off my cards and […]

Clicky Clicks

Clicky Clicks Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 8/14/19 It was a clicky click type of week. I took photos of all the big paintings I have for sale and made listings for 3 of them on my website. A highlight from the photo shoot was my playlist going seamlessly from Snoop Dog to […]

Beauty and Stillness inside the Bustle

Beauty and Stillness inside the Bustle Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 8/7/19 I’ve had a super busy last couple weeks, lots of good stuff. Too much to write about, lots of little tasks.  Tomorrow I have a consultation about my work with an artist whose opinion I really value. Then Friday is artwalk […]

The Cause

The Cause Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 8/6/19 “Choose your cause and commit to it, because you can make a difference. One thing is for certain: if fairness is your intention, the situation will be resolved for the highest good of all concerned through acts of kindness, empathy, and courage.” This is an […]


Quenched Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 7/24/19 I had a steady progress type of week. I took a bunch of new product photos, worked on my Etsy store, and am finishing my We’Moon submission today.  As I was photographing my new painting, Narayani Moon, this afternoon, I stood by my piano, my camera […]

Buzz, Buzz, Destructo-Love

Buzz, Buzz, Destructo-Love Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 7/21/19 Oh my. I don’t know much about bees, but now I know that they have mating frenzies, then the male dies. I found that a loving couple pruned one of my eggplant blooms in their frenzy! I had been salivating over the bloom, checking […]

Angel and Butterfly

Angel and Butterfly Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 7/14/19 A candle I bought at the Solas Bhride Center in Ireland burnt out as I painted today. Solas Bhride is a spiritual pilgramage center dedicated to Goddess / Saint Brigid. What was left of the design on the candle looked like an angel and […]

My Love

My Love Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 7/7/19 Today is the 12 year anniversary of the day my husband and I fell in love. He had come to my art studio the night before with a mutual friend.  I had prayed that the goddesses who knew the man I was meant to love […]

Internal Fatherhood

Internal Fatherhood Spiritix Shelley Irish, 6/30/19 A spiritual artist who lived in Ireland primarily in the 20thcentury, named Olivia Robertson, thought that the energy of the planet was becoming more balanced, that the feminine energy was increasing, equaling the masculine energy. Because of this, she saw and theorized that fratricide would continue to take place […]

Oh Yes, Very Satisfying Indeed

Oh Yes, Very Satisfying Indeed Reflections of and Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 6/30/19 It’s been rainbow land for me this week. I worked on a limited palette rainbow sky for a painting and did oracle readings on pride weekend.  My super happy this week is that I wrapped up my books and this month’s sales […]