Nuit is going to NY!

I sent out my painting, Nuit and the Seven Sisters, to NY tonight! The Society for Art of Imagination is putting on a show called Visionary Alchemy at One Art Space in Tribeca, opening on Sat, April 29th. It is filled with art from visionary artists I’ve admired, studied, and been in awe of for […]

The New Masters!

This weekend wrapped up my 8-week Master’s Technique class at Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials. My students are new masters! Here are some shots of them with their paintings and a class selfie. These ladies rule!!!                                         […]

Today’s Lady Liberty

                                      This is what I saw today. I saw a wounded Lady Liberty be exploited by a sociopathic meglomaniac. I saw Hillary Clinton get more blood on her hands by almost cracking our glass ceiling. I saw […]

“The Angel in the House”

“Virginia Woolf considered all books as “surrounded by a circle of invisible censors … [who] admonish us”. She named one major figure “The Angel in the House”, a female voice telling her to be less hostile to/placate men; another “The Spirit of the Age”, an elderly male voice like a customs officer checking her writing […]

Forever Billy

Billy has been gone for a week now. Here he is hanging out with me, a couple shots of him while I painted some minis from last autumn, and a couple weeks ago while I was sketching on some Green Man thumbnails. For 16 years he sat on my lap or close by while I […]

Dachau Daisies

  Dachau Daisies 11″ x 14″ Oil on Canvas 2007 Shelley Irish Today I am sharing my painting, Dachau Daisies, in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is a painting I did based on what I saw in 2007 at Dachau. I went to Germany with my mom and our family friend, Joe, who is […]

A Special Day

Today is a special day for me. It is my and my husband’s four year wedding anniversary! It is also the opening night of the Beep show in Wales 🙂 Here is a painting of us, ‘The Lovers’… Happy Friday to you and yours!

Personal Anchor Imagery Practice: How to use a Simple Art Technique to Center your Energy in just a couple seconds…

Personal Anchor Imagery Practice: When you put pencil to paper and don’t have anything pressing to list or calculate, write or draw, what happens? Do you scribble? Do you draw something from your childhood? Do you make marks, dots, lines? A Personal Anchor Image is a mark, dot, letter, number, symbol or simple drawing that […]

The Story Behind ‘The Artists’ Oil Painting – & A Sneaky Edit!

What my dad has taught me creatively has guided and shaped me much more than any other art teacher. I have haikus that we wrote together in 1983, when I was 3 years old. He taught me how to play guitar and let me try out his trumpet. When I was growing up, in his […]

Art and Advocacy – My Little Story about Volunteering for the Child Rescue Foundation

I started volunteering for The Child Rescue Foundation in Denver in 2001. The founder and director, Joanne Kappel, asked me to write a little story about my experiences with CRF for an intern’s project. My story…. Shelley’s Little Story About CRF I met Joanne Kappel, Founder of the Child Rescue Foundation, in 2001. There was a […]

“All Sane Love” Marriage Equality Quote Graphic – Please share!

In support of marriage equality, here is a graphic to download and share freely! Just right click the image and select ‘Save Image As’. The image that will download is a jpeg file that fits nicely on a webpage or as a facebook cover photo.  I created this graphic after reading a facebook post by Dr. […]

5-minute Visualization Exercise to Ease Worry

Happy Full Moon from gallerySATI! Many of us are going through harsh life circumstances right now. Here is a simple visualization exercise I developed to help align thought and imagery patterns towards neutrality and getting though rough patches. Nothing needed for this but five minutes of your time. This is a great exercise to use […]