Boom, Boom, 8 and a Dog

Boom, Boom, 8 and a Dog Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 6/22/19 It was a poof!-this-is-actually-happening!!! sort of week for me. It felt like a huge gift arrived, a new dawn.  The Ergonomics of Painting demo was fun today, it ended with 8 of us and a dog doing stretches in a circle. […]

Sky Dancer

Sky Dancer Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 6/15/19 I’ve had some cool experiences in the last few months. Chanting with friends and monks at the buddhist temple, a grandmother ceremony led by my friend, celebrating Bealtaine with FOI in Ireland, a meditation retreat led by another friend. I feel like a sky dancer […]

What if Maeve was a man?

What if Maeve was a man? Spiritix Shelley Irish, 5/30/19 Before going to Ireland I just knew the soft parts of the myth of the Goddess Maeve, the honoring of cycles, the eternal aspects of mother land. The legend I know is that each king of Ireland was married to the current living queen and […]

Big Little Beauties

Big Little Beauties Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 5/29/19 I had a lot of computer and writing work to do this week. I taught a painting lesson over facetime, too.  I am loving my garden, more multimedia crafty art, and have been playing around with some new ideas behind the scenes. My fingers […]

Describing Invisible Stuff

Describing Invisible Stuff Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 5/22/19 This week I worked on the copy for a new video about having conversations with your own body, the copy for a video describing how I do oracle card readings, and I revised some of my copy for my new oracle card online listings. […]

Here and There

Here and There Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish I still want to be on vacation, but I am settling in well. We got back last Tuesday night and I have worked every day upon returning, fun work. The 2 day artwalk at Moonrise was wonderful, lacing some Ireland into Venus was grounding, and […]

Happy, Tired Eyes

Happy, Tired Eyes Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 5/9/19 I’m tired. On Monday I was in Ireland at a sacred place with my husband and mother, and I’m ending the week now with happy, tired eyes.  I got some good stuff rolling to finish out the week, just going super slow and gentle. […]


Vacation Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 4/24/19 It was a numbers week, quarterly taxes, event listings, closing my books for vacation, bunches of business stuff. I taught a FaceTime art lesson, too. Check, check, check check and check, check check. My mind can almost rest. 🙂 Friday we start our vacation, and I […]

Shining in Effortless Warmth

Shining in Effortless Warmth Spiritix Shelley Irish, 4/21/19 I celebrate this time of year in a trifecta – celebrating Ostara, Buddha and Jesus. This Pantheon to me represents the wise springtime of grace, of the mind, and of the heart, respectively.  The goddess Ostara’s myth is that she emerges renewed from the underworld with all […]

Video o o o

Video o o o  Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 4/18/19 It was a video week around here. As I was editing a video earlier in the week my hubby took my computer and made some things cooler in it than I knew how to do, so sweet. I just finished another video today […]

Oracle Offerings Online

Oracle Offerings Online Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 4/10/19 I am SO happy about now having oracle readings for sale on my website!!!  Now you can buy online and receive a phone or email reading from wherever you are! 🔮 A lot of behind the scenes work came together this week and I’m […]

Home Stretch

Home Stretch Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 4/4/19 I’m on the home stretch of filing a loooad of paperwork that I’ve been working on all week, along with finishing up taxes. For my big filing project, I made little alters in my work areas. Goddess gifts, a rock stack of labradorite, citrine and […]

Buoyantly Heavy

Buoyantly Heavy Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 3/28/19 I made a video this week called Shelley Irish Art 2009 – 2012 and published it on Youtube. This one shows my first moon paintings, the Chakra Rainbow series + haikus, St. Micheal and the Green Goddess of New Growth.  It highlights a period of […]


Sparkly Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 3/21/19 This week I made a new newsletter signup booklette!!! ✨ & did a bunch of other things to get ready for the Emerald Spiral Psychic Fair this Saturday. It’s been bedazzletastic around here. 💓 Happy Spring week!  ~ Shelley 

Day of Shiela na Gig

Day of Sheila na Gig Spiritix Shelley Irish, 3/18/19 I recently learned of the Day of Sheila na Gig, said to be celebrated on this day in old Ireland. A Sheila na Gig is a carving of a woman squatting and holding her vulva open. They are found all over the UK, mostly on burial […]

Intuitive Arts

Intuitive Arts Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 3/14/19 This week was all spirit flutter happy happy! I made Faery Fortnight Messages and did the monthly oracle card reading for my Patreon subscribers. 🧚🏾‍♂️ Starting 3/19/19, I’ll start posting my Faery Fortnight messages and my guided meditation videos on this Gallery Sati page. I’ve […]

Resident Artist at Moonrise 🌙

Resident Artist at Moonrise 🌙 Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 3/6/19 This Friday I’ll be showing as a resident artist at an arts collective for the first time in 8.5 years! 💓 I’ll be part of the Lady Luck show @ Moonrise Studios, part of the Greenwood Arts Collective!!! I’ve partnered with Marina […]

The Oldest Grandmothers

The Oldest Grandmothers Spiritix Shelley Irish, 2/28/19 In a past life regression meditation I danced in a circle of people somewhere in the southern continent of Africa. I saw my brown skin glow in the night, and felt my warm blood run down my legs to feed the earth.  In another I had skin the […]

A Blink in the Journey

A Blink in the Journey Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 2/27/19 I had a nice week. I filmed a video called Listening to your Body, which I’ll finish tomorrow. It’s a simple practice to do before meditation or in a quick moment to check in with your body.  “The Artist Learns to Commit […]

Over the Moon!

Over the Moon! Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 2/20/19 I’ve been over the mOoOoOn this week working on the class packet for my How to Paint the Moon workshop coming up this Sunday! I finished writing the guided meditation we’ll do at the beginning of class as well.  Painting the moon is so […]