Light and Sweet

Light and Sweet Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 12/26/18 My week was sweet with creative moments coming in pictures, through food and crafts.  I didn’t work much this week, just a skype art lesson and posting patreon rewards today.  For the holidays, I made my husband a masculine counterpart to the sacred feminine […]

Infinite Self Love, Oracle Happy, Spreading Events

Mmm, just one more work day for my regular job tomorrow and then it is holiday chill time! I’m jazzed to adventure and feast with my husband and mom.  <3 This was a video week for me. I produced the Infinite Self Love Guided Meditation and worked on the new imagery I will use for my […]


Relief Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 12/12/18 A lot of things felt like a breath of fresh air this week. I painted standing up for 3 days out of the last 2 weeks. That is so freeing and happy for me to be that far along in my recovery from the car accident […]

Freedom through Structure

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish 11/14/18 I’m in full blown studio reorganization mode. It’s so freeing. Things like having my colored pencils organized by color have been the highlights of my week. 😉 Soon I’ll have all my painting supplies set up by my new painting area. I’ve had some loose ends in […]

I ❤️ my new canvas!!!

I ❤️ my new canvas!!!  Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 11/7/18 This canvas I stretched on Tues is my big art happy this week. There is so much love already in this canvas and I haven’t yet started painting it. It’s years in the making, I’ll paint the Venus of Willendorf on this. […]

Wanna Snoop Around?

Wanna Snoop Around? Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 10/24/18 I rearranged my studio this week. I hung the paintings I’ll work on alongside the big one I’ll start on soon. In this little 43 sec vid you’ll see my work – station that accommodates my new life as a lefty, and some paintings […]

Surfing the Waves

Surfing the Waves Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 10/17/18 This week was quite full of a lot of good stuff. After a beautiful time celebrating our anniversary last week, my husband and I were back to work on Saturday, with me doing another demo at Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials. (pic of him in […]

Staying Steady

Staying Steady Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 10/10/18 I took an inspiration day to go to a Buddhist temple with a friend to start my week, and I had to use my other 2 studio days to deal with some health management. At the temple, I shed warm tears as I listened to […]

The Space In Between

The Space In Between Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 10/3/18   I had quite a week this week On Saturday, I taught my free Ergonomics of Painting demo at Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials. We talked, we stretched, we did physical therapy exercises and explored equipment for ease. It went well and the participants […]

Light and New

Light and New Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 9/26/18 I had a bit of a light week this week. I took Sunday off to celebrate Mabon, the Autumn Equinox. I did some crafty projects including making a paper flower and pear candle. On Monday I worked on a drawing commission for a tattoo […]

Lefty :)

Lefty 🙂 Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 9/19/18   ~ Providence~ My eyes are alight with the colors of autumn. I am so inspired by our little neck of the woods right now!  I had a productive techy week. The big news is that I have used my left hand to control my […]

Forwards and Backwards

Forwards and Backwards Artistic Mystic Biz Shelley Irish, 9/14/18 I had a productive and chill work week. I am starting to have a little bit more leeway in my flow now that it is winter and my morning e-job has slowed down. I process internet textile orders and that slows down in cooler weather. I […]

Opening and Letting the Art Lead the Way

Opening and Letting the Art Lead the Way Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 9/7/18 I had a pretty chill, happy work week. With it being a holiday week, I did take a bit of time to lay around and give myself a break from the labor of painting. It’s quite a bit sometimes. […]

I love you forever, El Jefe Lou Anne Twinkle Toes Tipton Irish

My furr child, my sweet El Jefe, crossed the rainbow bridge on March 2nd. He was mine all mine for almost 19 years. Now he belongs to spirit once again. He hung out with me while painting his whole life. I miss him terribly for this and many other reasons. I am sad, exhausted, adapting […]

Mylene’s Personal Power Painting

One week ago, Mylene P. attended my Personal Power Painting class and created this awesome painting! I am so deeply humbled and overjoyed to share her testimonial about the class. What she got out of it was exactly what I was going for in creating the class, and she stated it so eloquently. Thank you […]

Visionary Alchemy NYC Videos

Having my art be a part of Visionary Alchemy was… hard to describe. Surreal but real, an absolute honor, something that makes my heart feel a million miles wide, and so many other things. Society for Art of Imagination, One Art Space, you freaking rule! Here are some vids from the show that I have been checking […]

~ Visionary Alchemy ~

Here are a couple shots my Aunti Cathi took at the Visionary Alchemy show happening right now in NY at One Art Space! The first is a women looking at my painting, Nuit and the Seven Sisters. The second photo is the line of work on the same wall Nuit is on. Squeeeee! What a […]

Nuit is going to NY!

I sent out my painting, Nuit and the Seven Sisters, to NY tonight! The Society for Art of Imagination is putting on a show called Visionary Alchemy at One Art Space in Tribeca, opening on Sat, April 29th. It is filled with art from visionary artists I’ve admired, studied, and been in awe of for […]

The New Masters!

This weekend wrapped up my 8-week Master’s Technique class at Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials. My students are new masters! Here are some shots of them with their paintings and a class selfie. These ladies rule!!!                                         […]

Today’s Lady Liberty

                                      This is what I saw today. I saw a wounded Lady Liberty be exploited by a sociopathic meglomaniac. I saw Hillary Clinton get more blood on her hands by almost cracking our glass ceiling. I saw […]