Boom, Boom, 8 and a Dog

Boom, Boom, 8 and a Dog

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 6/22/19

It was a poof!-this-is-actually-happening!!! sort of week for me. It felt like a huge gift arrived, a new dawn. 

The Ergonomics of Painting demo was fun today, it ended with 8 of us and a dog doing stretches in a circle. I’m so thankful to everyone who came out and Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials for being so awesome. 🎨 

Then, after I did the demo, it was boom and boom at Moonrise Studios. 💓 Boom 1 is that as of today, we are ready to teach workshops at Moonrise, and I see that the Stranger listed the 3 classes I scheduled out for 2019!! Boom 2 is that I got my grid walls up on my concrete walls, so I can hang as many prints and paintings as I can, easy set up, easy take down. Oh yeah! 🏖

In this moment, I have a space for teaching in a beautiful collective, I have a space to hang my work – where I can return to regularly, where I have a key, and where I can leave supplies. There has been a fire in me since I left my last studio almost ten years ago. The right situation hadn’t appeared until now, and now, it’s now!!! We Moonrise Mavens have been dreaming, and we have been weaving. 🕸 I’m so grateful, so excited!!!