Buzz, Buzz, Destructo-Love

Buzz, Buzz, Destructo-Love

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 7/21/19

Oh my. I don’t know much about bees, but now I know that they have mating frenzies, then the male dies. I found that a loving couple pruned one of my eggplant blooms in their frenzy! I had been salivating over the bloom, checking it daily to see when that sweet, sweet purple would emerge, and then, found this. Such is life. 

I joke that I am a professional weirdo, a professional gambler. Things change, space, taste, landscape of creative business, inner inspiration. In meditations I’ve danced with fire dancers burning away my old dreams, my old spaces, tastes, old models of operation. This practice making and sharing art is one of constant change. I was sad about my eggplant bloom that will never fruit and fill my mouth and belly with yumminess. Then it’s like, oh ok, thank you buddha in the sky reminding me that with every change, something is cleared and something is filled in. Room for more love is always made. The cycle is the cycle, the wheel turns. For these two – a calm moment before birth and death. 

Night night,