Studio Shots

Forever Billy

Billy has been gone for a week now. Here he is hanging out with me, a couple shots of him while I painted some minis from last autumn, and a couple weeks ago while I was sketching on some Green Man thumbnails. For 16 years he sat on my lap or close by while I […]

The Story Behind ‘The Artists’ Oil Painting – & A Sneaky Edit!

What my dad has taught me creatively has guided and shaped me much more than any other art teacher. I have haikus that we wrote together in 1983, when I was 3 years old. He taught me how to play guitar and let me try out his trumpet. When I was growing up, in his […]

“All Sane Love” Marriage Equality Quote Graphic – Please share!

In support of marriage equality, here is a graphic to download and share freely! Just right click the image and select ‘Save Image As’. The image that will download is a jpeg file that fits nicely on a webpage or as a facebook cover photo.  I created this graphic after reading a facebook post by Dr. […]