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Artwork by Shelley Anne Tipton Irish (Sati)

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Art + Process

When I paint, I feel like a choreographer pausing the dance of shadow, light and color at the precise moment where all of them are in their full expression. To find that full expression of each component of the dance, I use a combination of Master’s and Mische technique in my oil paintings.

Through my art, I explore the web of psychology and spirituality. Once I’ve become inspired by an idea, say an emotion, a story, or a philosophy, I fully engage with it’s healing power. Through meditation, my intuitive senses, and the void of the painting process, I ask the inspiration what it wants to say to the world and then paint the answer.

Dark caves of dancing shadows are where my paintings start, both in the first steps of painting and while incubated in my heart.

I love the dark. My paintings are as much about the majesty I find in shadow patterns as they are about color, value, perspective and realistic rendering. Light and color in shadow intrigue me like a cat in the night. I feel painting is like an endless hunt for the dance between shadow and light to be paused at the precise right moment where both of them are in their full expression.

Heart-wise, I feel everything and, ultimately I paint my feelings. It is more fluid for me to do this than expressing them any other way. I am a quiet person and art is my voice of choice. While painting, I feel enchantment. It is a time when my body disappears and I am only my mind, eyes and hands. It’s like flying dreams while awake. Outside of that bliss, the harshness and mediocrity of life stings, and I am, again, forgiving myself for me being just as challenging as everything else. Doing shadow work helps shape the type of light we have to shine. Only then can we truly illuminate. We have to wash the dirt away. To keep my heart clean and clear, I paint about what passes through it.

Here is a Haiku that describes this cleansing process:

I claim my healing

Light burns my body away

Vibrational stair

I paint slowly and deliberately in a style reminiscent of the Renaissance Masters. I am a classically trained oil painter working in the Visionary theme. Paintings are labored over for months (sometimes years), being sanded, glazed and meticulously painted until they reach a state of expressive realism. I start with the shadows and take great care to ensure luminosity in my darks. I paint very thin layers, building up ever so slowly and subtlety, so that my paint application is as delicate as possible. Since 2015, I’ve been studying the work of painters using Mische technique, and am incorporating some of that process into my recent work. To me, Mische technique is a dissected Master’s technique further illuminated with a light wand. The overlaps and differences in these techniques intrigue me to no end. I am exploring this through a work in progress, called Our Green Man. 

In other recent work, I’ve been exploring more subtleties of story, specifically the often more publically hidden realms where the raw pain of life lies (Green Goddess of New Growth (2012), Let the Moon Cry (2016).

About a decade ago, I explored the duality of psychological lights and shadows through the realm of personal archetype in the Chakra Rainbow series (2009). Like 2 sides of a coin, each pair of paintings are full figure self-portraits depicting the challenges and health of specific areas of life. Chakras are energy wheels everyone has that process and regulate different areas of life. For instance, these areas include: physical, emotional, intellectual, communal, creative, sensory, and spiritual health.

My path is a seeker of truth and I am highly interested in the interconnectedness of energy and the material world. I use shamanic journeying, meditation and energetic healing techniques to explore each painting I’m contemplating. I conduct a lot of research for each painting, to come to an understanding of how science, spirituality, global culture, alchemy and human emotion overlap into one moment of vision. 

Curriculum Vitae Selections

I am a proud member of the Society for Art of Imagination!


The Cosmic Creatrix, Moonrise Studios, Seattle, WA, 2019

Kinda Blue, Blue Door Art Center, Yonkers, NY, 2018

Visionary Art Award, Moscow, Russia, 2018

Women by Women, Blue Door Art Gallery, Yonkers, NY, 2018

Visionary Alchemy, One Art Space, New York, NY, 2017

Beep Wales, Elysium Gallery, Swansea, Wales UK, 2014

Chakra Rainbow, the Gallery at Nine 10 Arts, Denver, CO, USA, 2011

Artists Against Convention, Next Gallery, Denver, CO, USA, 2008


We’Moon on the Wall Calendar and Datebook, We’Moon Oregon, USA, 2015, 2016 2018, 2019, 2020

Wee Book of Creativity, Child Rescue Foundation, Colorado, USA, 2002

Colorado Symphony Cookbook, Colorado Symphony, Colorado, USA, 1996


Moonrise Studios, Greenwood Arts Collective, Seattle, WA, 2019 – present

Nine10Arts, Santa Fe Arts District, Denver, CO 2006 – 2010

Business + Teaching

Gallery Sati, llc, is a socially conscious business, donating 5% of profits to charity. 

5% of all art and workshops go to Malala Fund. Malala Fund offers education to girls, globally. 

5% of all psychic readings to Parapsychological Association. PA researches and measures the invisible realms. 

5% of all herb sales to Mother Nation. Mother Nation advocates for native womxn in Seattle. 

My business philosophy is based on making my art and teaching accessible and affordable. My price points start at $1.50 for buttons, and I sell cards with prints of all of my paintings for less than $5.00. I create mini oil paintings so that I may offer original, affordable artwork as well. Large originals have to be expensive, there is no getting around that, and I have a wide variety of other offerings of each painting, including classic print options as well as fun modern products.

Being children of farmers in Iowa during the great depression, part of my family came from humble roots. Learning from them how to live well with the other type of wealth (kindness and resourcefulness) has deeply informed my business philosophy and many aspects of my life. My mission is to share my art with as many people as possible, as a tool for enjoyment, empowerment, healing, company, contemplation and transcendence. It is a medicine that is as old as life. It should be easily obtained. Just like knowledge of how to create your own art.

In person and online, I teach painting classes for skill building, personal enrichment, empowerment and healing. My classes vary from Master’s Technique to Personal Power Painting™, from Paint the Funk Out! to Mythical Creature Painting. I take the Holistic Artistic approach to all of my classes and teach not only how to paint well, but also how take good care of yourself as a creative. I incorporate creative self care exercises into my classes so that each student not only gets a high quality learning experience in art making, but also some ways to use art to feel better. I work with venues that are not tied into degree programs to fulfill the same mission of affordability and accessibility. 

Personal Life + Education

I am a plant mommy, a daughter, a niece, a cousin and a friend.

I live and work in Seattle, Washington, USA. I was born in Denver, Colorado, USA.

I love my family, and friends, any body of water, reading and writing, music, traveling and my garden.


MFA Figurative Oil Painting, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA, 2009

Copy Artist Certification and Painting Courses, Ateliers du Carroussel & the Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, France, 2006

BA Studio Art and International Studies, University of Denver, CO, 2003

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me,