Forwards and Backwards

Forwards and Backwards

Artistic Mystic Biz
Shelley Irish, 9/14/18

I had a productive and chill work week. I am starting to have a little bit more leeway in my flow now that it is winter and my morning e-job has slowed down. I process internet textile orders and that slows down in cooler weather. I strained the muscles around my scapula as I was doing a strengthening stretch last weekend, and was not able to paint this week, but had fun doing other art biz things.

My week started with some straight up rest on painting day 1, electric shiatsu massager on the back, extra stretching ad physical therapy, extra sitting still and letting my arms lower over a matter of a couple hours while staring at the paintings in progress on the wall. On painting day 2 I did some light studio organization, day 3 a bit of collaging to keep the creative juices flowing when I would have been painting. I am loving the tactile comfort of cutting things out of magazines and newspapers. I am feeling a bit better and glad to not strain too much more. I had an extra acupuncture appointment that I was out of normal rhythm because of a hiccup in my appointments last week, but worked out nicely because I needed it in the moment so much, when I would have had to wait until Friday to get that relief.

Mid week were Skype painting lessons with my dad. He painted a whole large painting in palette knife in about an hour. He used incandescent gold, purple, green and a little cerulean blue in square shaped patterns to make a cool composition. I guided him through the steps and gave him a little feedback on where to go from here. Very chill lesson. He’s been experimenting with process painting and really enjoying it.

I listed 2 new mini paintings on Etsy of Power Flowers!!! I love these paintings. I like to imagine funny scenarios where garden flowers are communally empowered and what they would say. The 3 power flower paintings I’ve done are in the themes of ‘Refuse, Resist, and Love”. The Resist one sold immediately and my friend, the buyer, commissioned another one to gift to her friend. So these 2 I have for sale online now are “Love” and “Refuse”. However you spin it, it’s just awkward to talk about those together in a sound byte, so here is a little blurb from the product description of the Refuse painting. ~ Sometimes we have to refuse things for our health and balance. This power flower is all powered up on the act of refusal, while staying open and exposing it’s layers. ~ And one from the Love painting. ~ Love to make the garden grow. Love to unify and connect. Love to spiral around again. ~

I tried out doing my e-job left handed for the one full day I do that job each week. I am still recovering from the car accident and have modified my work station, but am still having pain tense up as I clickety click repeatedly for hours. I did a slight change to my set up, fumbled around trying it for a little while, then it clicked and I could click my mouse with my left hand while my right side could rest instead of tense up. I’m pretty sold on it for the fast repeated movement I have to do every week for my e-jpb and am surprised that it was easier than I thought. In college I broke my right hand and painted one full painting with my left hand. It was a really interesting process and it is encouraging to me. As I type this, I am doing my left handed setup and it does make a difference to not click the mouse with my right side for writing as well. Living and learning!

During my weekend I’ll be hanging out with my hubby, playing piano during our band practice, going to health appointments and chilling out as much as possible. Can’t wait to lay around and smell the beautiful partly-cloudy-paradise air that is blowing through Seattle right now. Maybe a little collage if I’m feeling spunky.

Wishing you a happy weekend.

Happy Friday and Cheers!