Freedom through Structure

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic
Shelley Irish

I’m in full blown studio reorganization mode. It’s so freeing. Things like having my colored pencils organized by color have been the highlights of my week. 😉

Soon I’ll have all my painting supplies set up by my new painting area. I’ve had some loose ends in my mind of where certain supplies are and the mental freedom and space that comes from just having everything accounted for in my mind has been super satisfying this week.

Both of my private lesson art students this week did some impromptu things. Neither had a goal they felt super directed towards so we did some see-where-it-leads exercises. I love witnessing which direction art goes when not directed. Both of my current students are very self directed so it was a bit of a looser feeling type of week for teaching.

Also this week was scheduling 2 workshops, Meditative Painting and How to Paint the Moon. I am ending my week after having talked to Michele at Blue Door Art Center in NY about sending out more artwork to them for their Winterfest show.

I’m feeling grateful for my art and teachings being enjoyable to people, for my network, and for my studio. ❤️