Here and There

Here and There

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish

I still want to be on vacation, but I am settling in well. We got back last Tuesday night and I have worked every day upon returning, fun work. The 2 day artwalk at Moonrise was wonderful, lacing some Ireland into Venus was grounding, and during the week this week I’ve been working on my next video, prepping for events and digitized all my sharables and patreon rewards. Now I can take the next 2 days off and be in a regular rhythm again. The jet lag cloudiness is clearing, I feel like I can meet all my deadlines this month, I am feeling glad I kept on track.

I feel enlivened since being in Ireland and part of me has just stayed there both times I have gone. I am romantic about Europe. In coming home I am in love with Seattle. Our colorful trees, beautiful views and likeness to Ireland is such bliss.

What I am reflecting most upon is how I feel coming home to Seattle. It has been 13 years since I’ve traveled to Europe and over 20 since I went to Ireland with my mom as a teenager. The sad reality for me in living in Denver is that I never felt like I belonged there, my health was more challenging, and I was way more excited about being everywhere else than there. When I had my gallery in the Santa Fe Arts district I definitely felt community and inspiration there. Life is life and I had to adjust to the economy’s ebb and flow and had to focus on online and fair circuit business avenues after I was not able to sustain my gallery. Working through that heartbreak and getting down to the bare bones of what my husband and I needed for our physical and creative health led us to make the big change of living in Seattle.

I have never traveled to Europe and come back to Seattle and that is what is striking me the most. Taking a vacation was long overdue, and being in Ireland had every potential to make everything that is not Ireland feel subpar. In coming home I am feeling even more enlivened upon returning to the place that we chose, that is so fulfilling to us, with the beautiful ocean near by, with my art sisters in our gallery, with and our band tribe, it’s a very sweet type of bliss. I went totally off grid while we were gone and did my best to be fully immersed in the moment. Having that level of disconnect then reintroduction to our life here was a whole other kind of fresh air. I feel so appreciative of Seattle pretty regularly, and even more so in coming home this time. I feel like I belong here. I feel like I belong there. I feel like I belong to my husband and my mom. I love coming home to my art and the beautiful life we’ve made.

May your bliss fill you and light up the world,