Home Stretch

Home Stretch

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 4/4/19

I’m on the home stretch of filing a loooad of paperwork that I’ve been working on all week, along with finishing up taxes.

For my big filing project, I made little alters in my work areas. Goddess gifts, a rock stack of labradorite, citrine and lapis lazuli. I’m sanctifying as I’m cleansing old files. 

The paper stack has shrunken to about 4” to go of keepers. 🤩

Sitting here, thankful, for my family and friends, the art tribe, fans, buyers, clients and students, venue peeps, & my employers. 🌀

I love painting, doing oracle readings, and teaching so much. Sharing them, sustaining them, letting these arts shine through me is one of the supreme joys of my life. 💜

I hope the rest of your week is beautiful,