I ❤️ my new canvas!!!

I ❤️ my new canvas!!! 

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 11/7/18

This canvas I stretched on Tues is my big art happy this week. There is so much love already in this canvas and I haven’t yet started painting it. It’s years in the making, I’ll paint the Venus of Willendorf on this. My model for this painting posed years ago for it in Denver, and I’ve done sketch after sketch finding the composition, and meditation after meditation studying and working with the light body. I finally know how to paint it as I’ve envisioned it. The canvas was purchased with gift certificates I was given from doing free art-health demos where I made great connections with those interested in that sort of knowledge. When I walk into Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials I feel like I am in an arty Cheers spin off, everyone knows my name. And that by using this super smart self stretching canvas kit by Frederix I could stretch this myself, even with whiplash pain, has given me a sense of relief and confidence in my body that is quite invigorating. I am so happy about all of it! 

The rest of the week was good too. I worked on a tattoo commission and had a nice art lesson with my dad this afternoon. I’m going to start a new treatment for my whiplash tomorrow and I am hoping it will help me progress to having full range of motion for painting again. Wishing for the best! 

Happy Wednesday, happy rest of the week,