Image Hunting Good Times

Image Hunting Good Times

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 1/30/18

I had a nice week. Tune in here on Friday morning to see the new video I produced this week, Editing Oil Paintings – Dry Underpainting. 

I met with my art group this weekend for craft time and we did collages. I freaking love collaging. I’d never done much of it before this past year. It is so calming and lovely. Sometimes on my moon time I like to take a break from the rigors of painting and draw or craft. I did that on my studio day this week and another round in bed last night. Can’t stop! I am posting a little peak of one. 

&… I got a new job, working for my acupuncturist! At the beginning of the year I started doing office work for her. Today, after teaching a facetime art lesson, I got to work on some marketing ideas for her classes. Super fun! In my art I work with healing themes, but they are very personal and maybe, moody? Yes, definitely moody, hehe! In exploring imagery that speaks to students in health-based classes, it was the same love but a very different process of sourcing the imagery. It’s similar to collage in a way. It’s like hunting for something someone else created that says what I’m thinking, instead of creating that imagery myself. Searching for things that visually say “HEALING”, or pain, or things more specific to different areas of health, was really cool and interesting for me today. I get to show her my ideas tomorrow at work. 🙂

I hope the rest of your week is nice. Thanks for checking out what is going on over here ~ <3

– Shelley