Infinite Self Love, Oracle Happy, Spreading Events

Mmm, just one more work day for my regular job tomorrow and then it is holiday chill time! I’m jazzed to adventure and feast with my husband and mom.  <3

This was a video week for me. I produced the Infinite Self Love Guided Meditation and worked on the new imagery I will use for my upcoming monthly oracle reading videos. If you’d like to check my new guided meditation, go here: <3

I started my week back at Rainbow Natural Remedies doing oracle / tarot card readings. Because of the car accident I was in in April, I haven’t been able to sit without back support, which is how I have to do readings in Rainbow’s beautiful setup. After 8 months of working up to it, I was able to sit for 3 hours and do readings, yaaaay! So happy. 

I am ending my art week today after creating upcoming workshop events on my website and on facebook. The 2 workshops I’ve got coming up are Meditative Painting and How to Paint the Moon. I now have a CALENDER on my website that these workshop events are plugged into, so happy! I’ve been trying to find the right one for a while and I found it! I had to redo a bunch of stuff on my website to convert it to an https site instead of an http site. I am still working on it, but am so happy to have these events listed and have some new pictures up today.   

I hope your week is wonderful!

I hope your holidays are loving and fun, 

~ Shelley