Lefty :)

Lefty 🙂

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 9/19/18


~ Providence~ My eyes are alight with the colors of autumn. I am so inspired by our little neck of the woods right now! 

I had a productive techy week. The big news is that I have used my left hand to control my computer mouse 4 days in a row now and it is really helping. The pain from the whiplash has been broad and overwhelming, and is becoming more specific and situational. I have modified my workstation so I am only generating movement from my elbow for the last few weeks, which is so much better, though I am noticing now how much the clickety click of the mouse for even just a few minutes aggravates the pain in my shoulder, neck and scapula. I bought an ambidextrous mouse and am a little slower than normal speed, but it is loads better for my right shoulder and neck. My e-job was a little busier this week and the left handed working really helped with that and all the techy stuff I did this week. So relieved! 

The week started with an evening lesson with my teenage student. She was feeling a little under the weather so we did some fun design based drawing instead of the 3D effects drawings she has been doing lately. 

That day, I had scheduled an outdoor art workshop, Personal Power Painting, that I didn’t get any enrollment for. Generally when this happens I do something to move the holistic artistic workshop agenda forward through test vids, working on workshop material, etc, and this time I felt like the best way to move the holistic artistic agenda forward was to chill the hell out. So I sat in bed and wrote and napped and reflected on, when I am in good health, I am a tiger, as my stepmother calls me. I sat and reflected on how much time and love I put into my crafts, wow, I just love what I do so much, it is so fulfilling. I let myself relax, which I never want to do when I would have been working, but I just let myself this time.

I am changing the format of my monthly videos a little bit which I’ll talk more about at a later date. This week was a teaching / video week, and I took days to work on one video instead of the general one. I wrote, filmed and produced ‘Daily Aura Shielding Guided Mediation’ which is now available on my Gallery Sati Youtube channel. I am now including a live intro of me giving notes about the meditation and examples of how to position yourself. When meditation guides do this, I get a lot out of it, so I pooled together a bunch of stuff I have visualized and was able to get it done!!! So happy. 

This noon was Skype art lessons with my dad. He is working on a new abstract acrylic one with a lot of thick knife texture. It’s off to a good start and some fun texture and composition is already in there.

This afternoon was finishing the handouts and promoting my upcoming Ergonomics of Painting free demo at Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials on Sept 29th. It’s a culmination of a lot of learning for me. The car accident has had quite an effect on my painting which I still have not been able to completely recover from. Being injured in the same area that was sore sometimes in me from painting is a weird little twist of fate. The care that I have received has taught me a lot and to visualize giving it back to people who will benefit from that knowledge is a really lovely positive thing in my heart right now. I hope people come! 

Tomorrow I am working my e-job for a few hours and going to 2 Dr’s appointments. My husband and I are going to a fun show for my birthday in the evening. <3

This Friday, my one full day off, I get to have the whole day off!!! I can’t wait to lounge and gorge on my new favorite desert, fresh fruit with butterscotch caramel sauce, omg!

On Saturday I’m going to a group chant and playing piano in band practice. My birthday is next week but it feels like this week. It’s so beautiful and such a nice flow of life. 

I hope the rest of your week is great!


~ Shelley