Light and New

Light and New

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 9/26/18

I had a bit of a light week this week. I took Sunday off to celebrate Mabon, the Autumn Equinox. I did some crafty projects including making a paper flower and pear candle.

On Monday I worked on a drawing commission for a tattoo for a friend. It’s a sweet, personal scene I am enjoying working on. 

On Tues, it was my 38thbirthday. I had a nice morning walk, brunch with a dear friend, a relaxing afternoon, and super wonderful, chill evening with my husband.

Today, I taught art lessons over Skype to my dad, who is working on a new style of abstract painting with large areas of color and contrast.

After lessons I wrote and scheduled my newsletter for October. In it I talk about the new light body painting I have been doing, the new way I am presenting my guided meditations on my videos, and letting people know about my upcoming free demo, Health Benefits of Art.

I ended my Gallery Sati week but doing a 4 week oracle reading for my Patreon subscribers. I posted that for viewing on October 1st,along with the monthly discount coupons I offer my Patrons.

This was week 2 that I working with my left hand controlling the mouse when I use the computer. I am getting faster at it and although it’s not giving me the amount of relief I would prefer, I am grateful for the little relief it is giving me. I am hoping that my e-job clickety click work will go a bit faster than last week, as I am getting used to working as a lefty.

On my days off this week I get to hang out with my dad! 🙂

Then on Saturday I am giving my free demo, Ergonomics of Painting, at Daniel Smith in SODO, Seattle.

I feel so cozy with the weather here cooling down. I hope your week is going well.


~ Shelley