Light and Sweet

Light and Sweet

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 12/26/18

My week was sweet with creative moments coming in pictures, through food and crafts. 

I didn’t work much this week, just a skype art lesson and posting patreon rewards today. 

For the holidays, I made my husband a masculine counterpart to the sacred feminine bedazzled lighter I made for myself. 🔥

With my mom, we made our traditional cream cheese crescent roll in some new flavors this year. Raspberry almond and blackberry lemon. 🤪 So super yummy. The original recipe is for it to be cherry almond, and these flavors we did this year are our favorite so far. I do low gluten, dairy and sugar regularly and this was so worth the splurge. Mmm. Baking with my mom is so grounding and comforting to me. It was such a beautiful time. 

Pics of fun moments with my sweet fam are putting the sparkle in my eye this week. I hope your holidays were great and the rest of the year is the best possible end of year – ever! 

Cheers to the holidays and the coming new year! 🥳

~ Shelley