Mylene’s Personal Power Painting

One week ago, Mylene P. attended my Personal Power Painting class and created this awesome painting! I am so deeply humbled and overjoyed to share her testimonial about the class. What she got out of it was exactly what I was going for in creating the class, and she stated it so eloquently. Thank you Mylene! 

“Personal Power Painting is not your average acrylic painting class. It’s so much more! I was drawn to the class because of its unique use of reflection, introspection and personal care in the painting process. I am very interested in both personal and artistic development and this class brings both together in a very relaxed, supportive, retreat-like format. I learned different ways to tap into my creativity to make a highly personalized painting. Unlike my previous paintings, the one I created in this class incorporates so much meaningful personal symbolism that I am using it as the logo for my new creative business. Thanks, Shelley, for teaching me how I can bring my whole self into the creative process!”  

                                                                                                                     Mylene P.