Oh Yes, Very Satisfying Indeed

Oh Yes, Very Satisfying Indeed

Reflections of and Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 6/30/19

It’s been rainbow land for me this week. I worked on a limited palette rainbow sky for a painting and did oracle readings on pride weekend. 

My super happy this week is that I wrapped up my books and this month’s sales will allow me to donate almost $20 to the Malala Fund and the Parapsychological Association. I decided this month that 5% of all art sales, workshops and lesson sales will be donated to the Malala Fund, which helps to educate girls in the middle east and across the globe. The Parapsychological Association is a research based group of scientist who study metaphysics and who I feel are building a bridge of language between spirit and matter. I’ll donate 5% of all oracle sales to them. This is how it’s going to be from now on. I do an annual sale where I donate a % of sales, but I am socially conscious all year round, so I say, every sale!!! I am so happy for this. Donating money to causes I care about from the sales of my art and offerings is very satisfying. 

It was a skimpy work week because I am in the last stages of preparing my part to close the insurance claim for the car collision I was in last year. So my mind has been there. Retraumatized, very much wanting to be done, and to get to move on to just long term maintenance for my whiplash. I’ve been taking time away from Gallery Sati work to finish, it has been grueling. So I am reflecting most on gratitude for Gallery Sati. Having to take so much time away to finish this claim has been a bit rough on the psyche, but I’m getting through it. I got to spend a little time this week on Gallery Sati work, and I instantly have a total energy shift. Being an artist has it’s difficulties, sure, but the sweet, sweet reward of even spending a few minutes to send out invites to a class I am offering this fall, is like, pa zow, eeee, happy happy land! I love making art and teaching, doing oracles so much. I am grateful people value what I have to offer. I am grateful for my hands, my heart, my imagination, for my business, and for the ways such love and light come through them.