Opening and Letting the Art Lead the Way

Opening and Letting the Art Lead the Way

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 9/7/18

I had a pretty chill, happy work week. With it being a holiday week, I did take a bit of time to lay around and give myself a break from the labor of painting. It’s quite a bit sometimes. Art is demanding of the heart, the mind and the body. I am a loyal servant and this week I felt my loyalty was best vested by joining in the social order of chilling the hell out for a day. I also took a fine comb though all of my work, creative and business, and am now reordering the way I am doing some things. Ever changing, this job.

Opening, letting the art lead the way, that was my week.

On Sunday, I emerged for my morning walk to a Seattle Sunday Times newspaper on my driveway. My husband told me later the newspaper people had tried to get him to sign up to receive it days before and he declined. When I saw one there, I moved it to the outside of our fence, thinking maybe it was a mistake and delivered to the wrong address. After a while I figured that was not the case and took it as a weird little happy coming to my door. Now my husband thinks they were trying to entice us to buy it by leaving one there. It kinda worked.

I scrapped it up! That night we laid in bed, my husband editing his movie and me going to town cutting out words and images from the printed page, I felt a part of my childhood come back to me.. It was glorious. Loooving it! I really enjoyed a recent collage gathering with my art group but there was something extra special about it being so immersed in my personal environment that was really grounding.

I didn’t know the form a personal art project was going to take on this week. It took a collage-y, multi-media path, which I did not at all expect at all. So cool to me to have such tactile art experiences artistically this week. I am very particular about my non-toxic routine and paint in gloves, so it was especially nice to have the ‘touch back’ of the paper, beads, rope and glitter against my fingers. It helps my art flow way better that, when on my moon time, I do not expect my body to endure the rigors of slow study painting and do something either seated or more emotionally based. I sometimes work in pastel on my moon weeks, which is very pleasing to the touch, but this week was really cool to work with paper and multi-media to make some love art for a dear friend. 

Mid week I taught my dad our weekly Skype lesson. He is starting an abstract figure painting. He started it in acrylic paint with a lot of 3D texture done with a pallet knife. During our lesson he started putting the basic figure shapes in with oil paint. He’s off to a cool start.

I ended the week by making all my social media sharable for the month of October. I went through files of my art and readied 4 of them to be featured on my Gallery Sati facebook page on Sundays in October. I also channeled 2 faery messages for the new moon and full moon in October that I post on my 7thStar Spirit Arts page. I finished by forming and scheduling 5 spiritually based ponder prompts on my 7thStar Spirit Arts facebook page.

This weekend I’m doing a few Dr’s appointments (whiplash still hanging on), chilling with my husband, doing band practice, gathering with my art group to make smudge sticks, remotely gathering with my healing school to be guided through a new meditation technique, and doing more super chill in the open time.

Happy Friday and Cheers!