Shining in Effortless Warmth

Shining in Effortless Warmth


Shelley Irish, 4/21/19

I celebrate this time of year in a trifecta – celebrating Ostara, Buddha and Jesus. This Pantheon to me represents the wise springtime of grace, of the mind, and of the heart, respectively. 

The goddess Ostara’s myth is that she emerges renewed from the underworld with all she needs for her gentle peace. She is full, centered, and able to go between different levels of consciousness and dimensions of existence. 

The master Buddha’s myth is that his innocence wanes with his immersion into the broader world, and allows for an exploration of suffering and how building up compassion and mental faculties allows ways out of suffering. He taught us meditation and to keep our minds and hearts open. 

The master Jesus’ myth is that he stayed connected to his own spiritual truths regardless of others incomprehension, manipulation or persecution. He taught us that the power to heal is within each of us individually, not in another, and not separate from ourselves or our range of abilities. 

To me it is a budding time to celebrate the deep work we all do to ensure our health and feel the joy of growth. I feel it’s a time to connect to each of our centers, purities and truths, & shine. To evaluate what and to whom we are giving our energy. Are we connected to source for our renewal, or the outer world that can, like in these myths, distract, disturb, and persecute. Do we use these challenges to learn, to heal, to grow? What do we do with the shit? Do we carry it around or do we dig it into our earth as fertilizer? What pops up when spring comes? 

Ascension, transmutation, morphing, growing, the time is nigh to grab the wave and ride that puppy high into the sky! These cycles of the cosmic wheel are bigger than the earthly seasons, bigger than religion and all of us earthly creatures. All of our little lights make up a huge love. May that warmth be felt effortlessly to you and yours.