Sky Dancer

Sky Dancer

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 6/15/19

I’ve had some cool experiences in the last few months. Chanting with friends and monks at the buddhist temple, a grandmother ceremony led by my friend, celebrating Bealtaine with FOI in Ireland, a meditation retreat led by another friend. I feel like a sky dancer lately. I see so much beauty, so much love in this world.

Spiritual practice and the beauty and weirdness of the material plane are deep wells from which much of my art and offerings originate. I have my own daily and seasonal rhythm with this, and learning with new groups and new methods is breathing huge new life into me. I started a new phase of big spiritual expansion a couple years ago and have been gifted wonderful mirrors in the outer world to explore this expansion with my community. I am a happy hermit and don’t need much on this community level. I am grateful for the kindred tribes I am integrated with now. I feel I’ve found a nice balance. 

In each of these experiences lately, I’ve been surprised by the openings and visions that come. I receive vivid visions when alone and what is striking me most is that my psychic abilities are getting stronger in these group ceremonies. I am a empath and used to not shield properly, so my senses were immersed in sensing others. Now I shield properly so I connect more easily to source in group settings in the last couple years. In these recent experiences of the last couple months I saw visions of dancing energy bodies. I saw myself and my friends from above in a nexus of love that expanded in all directions of time. I sung along with ancestral elders to songs I learned 4,500 miles away, right on time. I felt colors inside me attach to rice before I threw it in the fire. This richness of intentionally celebrating spirit’s animations is where my art comes from. I’m so inspired!!!