Staying Steady

Staying Steady

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 10/10/18

I took an inspiration day to go to a Buddhist temple with a friend to start my week, and I had to use my other 2 studio days to deal with some health management.

At the temple, I shed warm tears as I listened to the monks and visitors do their morning chanting. I was able to follow along a little. I felt filled up with light and tenderness and was buzzing for the rest of the day.

The days I had to work on logistics for maintaining the care of my whiplash during studio time were not enjoyable, but I did find a certain steady, weirdly calm energy in surrendering to the process. I also paid quarterly taxes. Thrilling.  

Last night, I met with my art group and we make ceremonial lighters, so that was a nice way to keep the creative juices flowing. I have been on a collage kick and using other materials is making me stoked, it is so open and freeing to have a medium with so many possibilities, mixed media, assemblage, I love it lately! 

I had a Skype lesson with my dad this afternoon. He started another large abstract with a lot of texture applied with palette knife. It already looks great after him working on it for just a little over an hour.

I am ending the week after creating and scheduling my social media sharables for November. These are: my Shelley Irish Art / Gallery Sati weekly featured art posts, and on my 7thStar Spirit Arts page: weekly spiritual / existential ponder prompts, and channeled faery fortnight messages. 

I am all set for my free demo, ‘Health Benefits of Art’, at Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials in SODO, Seattle, this Saturday at noon. 

Today is Amen Irish and my 8 year wedding anniversary. <3 I was full blown into the beginning of my art career when we met, and from the first moment, he has received me with all my weirdness and my focus. He is my twin flame and having a creative partner who supports me so completely is a big part of what I wished for as I was clearing and dreaming for him. We have a beautiful marriage and I am so grateful for him. 

I hope the end of your week is lovely and inspiring,


~ Shelley