Surfing the Waves

Surfing the Waves

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 10/17/18

This week was quite full of a lot of good stuff. After a beautiful time celebrating our anniversary last week, my husband and I were back to work on Saturday, with me doing another demo at Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials. (pic of him in the trees by the water ❤ and pic of me and a participant talking at my demo, Health Benefits of Art)

My big news this week is that I shipped 3 paintings to the Blue Door Art Center in Yonkers, NY for their Kinda Blue show!!! I’m so honored to show my work there again! (pics of the 3 paintings I sent: Let the Moon Cry (large), Sunset at Tongue Point (medium) and Song of the Sea (small)). 

I had lessons with my teenage student on Sunday evening and we worked on some design tests for the grid pattern technique I’ve been teaching her. From this, we concluded that big shapes in big grid squares give the greatest impact. (pic of design test)

I had to continue working on some health logistics stuff instead of painting but am getting closer to a finishing point with every session. 

Today I had a Skype lesson with my dad and he worked on 2 more geometric abstracts. (pic of one he finished over the weekend)

This afternoon I photographed and listed 4 new mini oil paintings in my Etsy shop. New colors include amythyst autumn, indiGlow! and this one, ocean twilight. (pic of ocean twilight sacred feminine moon)

One of the most interesting natural color combinations in WA blew my mind when we first moved here. Seeing the rich reds in nature in tree roots and plant stems alongside the fresh greens was like something out of a mermaid faerytale to me. I have never seen a tree with this much red and green spead out so evenly and it is SO amaZing to me! (pic of tree with red and green leaves)