The Cause

The Cause

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 8/6/19

“Choose your cause and commit to it, because you can make a difference. One thing is for certain: if fairness is your intention, the situation will be resolved for the highest good of all concerned through acts of kindness, empathy, and courage.”

This is an excerpt written by Collette Baron Reid from a description of an oracle card I pull over and over again. Every year I do a winter holiday sale and a portion of each sale goes to a charity I support, generally the World Food Program. After I pulled this card again recently, I decided that each sale will have 5% go to a charity all year round, rather than just once a year. I offer a variety of things, and are passionate about many more, but I boiled it down. This is what I am doing from now on: 

5% of all art, prints and art workshop sales go to Malala Fund. Malala and her father, her family and friends, and global community work towards educating girls across the world. I believe education is the key to most things, and especially the key to better health of ourselves and our planet. Malala is the world president of my heart and I can’t even write about her without getting choked up and tears dripping. What she is doing is very important to me. To learn more about her and their mission, please go here

5% of all oracle reading sales will go to the Parapsychological Association. I think I am saying that right now. They work to build a bridge of language between the biological world and the invisible world. Much like when someone gets an oracle reading, an energetic, source – energy, or spiritually based message is translated through the cards and the psychic senses of the person reading their cards, the more we can measure and document the invisible messages being thrown at us all the time. This work helps to build a bridge of language between science and spirituality. To me, matter and math are the language of God, of universal energy, of the great mother, whatever you choose to call it. I feel measuring, testing, observing, learning, presenting their findings to the public, and everything else these people are doing will ultimately be one of the biggest assets to our survival and harmony as humans. To me, science and religion or spirituality is the same, they are just explaining this existence in different ways. I believe once humanity has integrated both spirit and matter into the conversation without resistance, we will be able to truly harness the fuel potential of our species. Check them out here

5% of all garden sales (sage sticks and lavender bundles) go to Mother Nation, a local non-profit in Seattle. They support native women through hardship and homelessness. I am a gardener and I feel a lot of energy from the earth. I draw upon many wells of spiritual wisdom, and one of the things I have felt from the earth is that the spiritual practices and spirit beings of the local land should be honored along with the diety and practice of visitors, such as myself as a white person on native land. Even better, when native people stay alive, traditions stay alive, the world thrives. Many native women in Seattle have rough circumstances and I have been really saddened and touched by hearing the leaders of this organization speak, by learning more about what is actually happening and what they are doing that helps. I want to help, too. Learn more here

So far, I have been reserving donations from my sales for two months and I have been able to donate to all 3 charities. So happy!