The Oldest Grandmothers

The Oldest Grandmothers


Shelley Irish, 2/28/19

In a past life regression meditation I danced in a circle of people somewhere in the southern continent of Africa. I saw my brown skin glow in the night, and felt my warm blood run down my legs to feed the earth. 

In another I had skin the color of dried indian yellow oil paint, 4 fingers on both hands, and could balance a rolling pearl all over my body. In the meditation I was doing this unbelievably slowly, steadily, and fluidly in a solo dance in the largest rolling valley imaginable. 

It’s Black History Month. I’m a white lady with meditation and shamanic journey experiences of living long ago in bodies that belonged to Africa. In a state of transpersonal depth and transcendental healing, my Goddess, my guide, Marimba, let me hear her. One day, just like any other day, while doing my energy healing meditation in the morning, she stood up next to my energy body and spoke her name to me. 

The heart of my spiritual politix this month is honoring the spirit of Marimba inside me. I don’t know if our connection comes from a purely spiritual energetic history, or if it comes from my own bones long ago because of the tiny bit of arabian african blood I have in my DNA. I don’t know how it all fits together. All I know is that spirit is all colors of light, all colors of matter. When I transport my consciousness to the past, I pass through eye holes of time with Marimba as my guide, I see goddess Isis solid as a lion and open hearted as a bird, as big as Africa herself. I am in awe and part of the ritual. This is part of my inner landscape now. 

It was weird at first. I felt resistance. I felt that as a white person there was some part of me that felt unworthy and undeserving, or like I was doing something unbalanced by receiving nurturance from African spiritual energies. I continue to explore this, to open, to dance with the goddesses. 

I feel the love of the oldest grandmothers, the oldest singers, the oldest heart weavers. I am grateful when they whisper to me.