The Peace of Cake

The Peace of Cake

Beliefs are interesting. In 2005 at 24 years old, I quit my position as the cake department manager and lead cake decorator at Cold Stone creamery and enrolled in the master of fine arts program at the Academy of Art University. I formed a belief that I wouldn’t work a cake job anymore and would become a painter. Well, I got a job as a cake decorator this month, quit the other 2 jobs I was working, and worked my hours out so I have enough time to run and enjoy Gallery Sati. The waves of change that came for me after getting rear ended in a car accident in 2018 felt like tsunamis at first, treading the waters of treatments have been exhausting, and now that I am on an upswing, I feel a lift in my spirit.

I’ve done wedding and event cakes privately for friends since I quit Cold Stone. The logistics for full

scale cake business are a lot, a business kitchen, client relations, delivery, blahdy blue. It’s not a side thing to toggle on my own with painting and teaching. It has always felt out of reach (even when I did have a business kitchen in one of my studios for a year), but in dreams I’ve thought what could be manageable by a small team at a public space is something like a soup bistro + cakes + tea. I’ll always dream.

Right now, I show my art monthly with a wonderful group of womxn that I adore and feel like I belong with. Now I get to do cakes without all the business logistics, I just get to roll in and make pretty sweet stuff. I never thought I could have the joy of decorating again without it being in my own place. 

I don’t know what tomorrow holds for myself or anyone, and loss of loved ones and aspects of my health have taught me to not waste time on futile things or that don’t serve the greater good. One of the shittiest experiences of my life, getting rear ended, and the whiplash and pain that has followed, has been an intense way to learn to follow my health and my joy. My physical therapist told me months after the car collision that I’ll always have some pain and I need to learn to accept it. There are things I can’t do for my art biz anymore and doing a former side job on the computer caused me pain that exacerbated my whiplash injury. I’vd been very challenged from it. For cakes I use larger muscles, so my body is enjoying my friend pain being less intense. It is still blowing my mind that a car collision brought me back to cake decorating. I can get a forecast through divination, but I can’t know all the details of what the future holds for me. All I know is that right now is bittersweet relief and I am enjoying this moment. 

The pic is a close up of a cake I did this week. I am learning the ropes again with fresh eyes and ears, and really enjoying my job. 

The solstice is tomorrow, which starts a new cycle of light. My prayer at the beginning of the year was to have a job that would allow me to quit my computer job and balance well with Gallery Sati. Here in December, before the solstice, this prayer was answered a very unexpected way, and I’m so grateful. I get to do cakes again, and have peaceful moments at work like this, where my job requirement is to bring a wavey sea to life on a stack of sugar. 

Thank you for listening.

May all your dreams delight and surprise you. 💫

Happy Holidays! 

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 12/20/19