The Space In Between

The Space In Between

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 10/3/18


I had quite a week this week

On Saturday, I taught my free Ergonomics of Painting demo at Daniel Smith Artist’s Materials. We talked, we stretched, we did physical therapy exercises and explored equipment for ease. It went well and the participants were happy to have new information to work with and to physically feel better afterwards. I was so happy to be able to share what I have been learning about and what has been helping me paint with as little pain as possible. I feel adult artists are highly underserved and doing these demos make me beam afterwards, I feel true to my mission. 😉

On Sunday night I taught a lesson for my teenage student. I taught her a graphic drawing technique recently and she finished her first practice piece. She filled in 1,496 ¼ inch squares, making up a grid with shape layers. This is an expansion on the 3D drawings she has been doing lately. Here is a pic of the demo drawing I am doing in our lessons.

I didn’t paint much this week because I didn’t have the mind for it. Sometimes if I am too funky I won’t touch a painting. That was this week. I had to deal with something in regard to my health that took a lot to manage and I used the time I would have been painting to work it out.

I did get some drawing done of a painting that I have been visualizing for many years. I am building this formula behind the scenes of how I will continue my work from here forward. What all of my artistic striving has come down to is that I want to paint energetic healing. I am an energy healer and the beauty of the light body is captivating to me, nothing which I have seen other than in the imagery in my own mind, and as a painter, I must bring it to life in my work.

After the car accident in April I had to stop working on the depressing painting about grief I was slaving over, The Goddess of Balance over Dark Water. The pain of the physical act of painting and the pain of the piece was too much. The ultimate goal with that one is to finish it with the light body I mentioned above, bringing the light body into the shadow work involved in my grief, will be a beautiful gift to give to myself.

It ended up making way more sense to go back to the drawing board on this technique and build up from the beginning on this – studying the anatomy of the light body. I’ll get back to working on the depressing one, but for now it is more private grief work and filling my studio with the light language of the divine as I heal. This way, when I am ready for the one on grief again, I will have a much bigger breadth of healing light space to hold that pain.

For the studying of the anatomy of the light body, I have been finding my formula to paint this without sharing much about it, and my process has been rather random and illusive, which makes me feel like I should apologize to those who follow my art. I am always in service of the muse, so I just can’t. I get gift certificates for doing free demos and I now have enough to get the big canvas on which will be painted the first large painting in the new technique.

My creative super happy this week was preparing for the first large painting in the new technique, by measuring my wall and figuring the size canvas that would work in my space. I also did some thumbnail drawings of the painting’s composition after doing a meditation to connect with the energies. The painting is a modern take on the Venus of Willendorf goddess and something the model and I have been building up to for a long time. Baby steps were made during studio time after I had calmed my mind.

That is the space in between for me this week. That this thing that is huge in my heart could take a step forward this week even though my fear did everything in it’s power to prevent it. While my light gave gifts to others that they publically commented about. All wrapped in one. I am swimming through it all and riding the waves. Happy for even the tiniest space in between the veils of fear to be clear and aligned with the healing power of art, and that I get to be the vessel bringing it to light. This is the ecstasy of my craft. 

I am ending my week tonight after teaching art lessons over Skype this afternoon, followed by finishing the Health Benefits of Art free demo handout. 

I hope you have a beautiful week filled with LOVE and beautifully colored, dancing, rainbow LIGHT!


~ Shelley