Wanna Snoop Around?

Wanna Snoop Around?

Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 10/24/18

I rearranged my studio this week. I hung the paintings I’ll work on alongside the big one I’ll start on soon. In this little 43 sec vid you’ll see my work – station that accommodates my new life as a lefty, and some paintings in progress. There is so much love in here. I hope you can feel it and that it brightens your day. The songs in the vid are by Juliette Commagere and Amen Torso. 

I found out yesterday that my paintings arrived safely that will be included in the upcoming Kinda Blue art exhibition at Blue Door Art Center. I am so honored to work with them.

Today, I had Skype art lessons with my dad. He is working on a painting of a stack of rocks, it’s really cool and off to a good start.

This afternoon I am ending my week by creating November’s newsletter. I also just posted coupon codes and other rewards for my Patreon subscriber.

I hope you have a great rest of your week.

Best of blessings,