Reflections of an Artistic Mystic

Shelley Irish, 2/13/19

The pics (on my Gallery Sati fb page 2/13/19) are of the new day bed I incorporated into my office and a drawing I did in March of 2018. 

In March of 2018 my beloved cat of over 18 years died peacefully at home. I am an energy healer and saw some beautiful things when he died. Not long afterward I did a drawing of what I saw because it amazed me. 

Shortly before doing this drawing of his death, I had a dream of a scene of black and purple swirly shapes. In the dream I got a glimpse that the swirly pattern was on a headboard that was kinda medieval and felt like something from the past. The dream was very abstract and fuzzy, dark and mysterious. Right after drawing the energies of my cat’s death I quickly swirled this on the following page because I thought there was some significance to it. 

In the room pic, behind the black and swirly tapestry is a bunch of large, flat shipping boxes. I had this snugged behind a shelf close by and yesterday figured how I could make it into the headboard of the day bed because I thought it would look pretty like that. As I was scooting the boxes over today the visual of the dream hit me. Whoa! It was a dream of the future, black and purple headboard! I love that kind of stuff. 

The car accident I was in in April I sincerely believe was an answer to a prayer from my deceased cat and other spirit guides. I prayed for a safe trip to work less than 15 minutes before the accident happened. Because of my injuries, I now have to do computer mouse work left handed, not work at a regular desk anymore and had to cut down on heavy lifting art fairs. These things forced me to rearrange my office and studio and find more work outside of my company to make up for some work that I physically can’t do right now, like the heavy lifting for mass inventory art fairs. I prayed for a safe trip to work right before the accident and all of these changes have had one common theme: How do I keep working in a way that is safe for my body? 

The accident happened 6 weeks after my cat died, and he was an unparalleled softness in my life. His name was El Jefe and during my prayers after his death I asked for Jefe Aloha to come back to us. During my recovery from the accident, when my physical therapist taught me the ‘cat paw’ exercise I had a hard time not showing myself teeter in between giggles and tears. 

The day bed is the crowning jewel for me in this. We have another chill area, and a private place for my mom to sleep when she visits, and that makes me feel really good. I was dreading having to rearrange so much and did not expect to make this happen. Such a happy surprise. I think maybe that is what the dream was showing me, the happy surprise that I believe, was in part due to the spiritual love Jefe could give me after his death. The whole thing has been about finding more ease and rest, and not pushing myself so hard. I have a bunch more to do, and I’m also feeling grounded and intrigued by how cool dreams are. 

Thanks for listening, 

~ Shelley